Black Fly Season – no way

The humid weather is fast approaching, and the need for a lake increases considerably this time of year. Oh it is spring… black flies, fiddle heads, trilliums, but soon, there is summer…. boating, swimming, bonfires. Buyers are dreaming of cottage life with friends and family at the end of their new dock on a fantastic lake. Well, it’s time to get out there.  Sellers are dreaming too, of moving on. So where to start… your price range will be the biggest determining factor in where your cottage will be located. Smaller lakes, are usually less money in comparison to a bigger lake. Travelling distance is another key factor which then impacts the price. The further north you go, the less expensive the cottage you should find. What about your personal use, do you want to use your cottage on a year round basis or seasonally? This factor also impacts your price. All of these factors impact one another when considering a cottage purchase. Once the major criteria is determined, then you need to analyze through again. It is a process, …. and the rewards will impact you and your family for a lifetime.  So… let’s get started.

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