My First Swim – 2013

I did it! I had my first swim of the year. Oh….. I thought about my approach for some time, as it is still a bit early for swimming …. Go direct with one big splash, go deep with a running athletic dive or torcher myself and wade in. Cottage water activities have started a bit late in Muskoka this year, that May long weekend looked like the mid Sept. on the lakes. brrr. BUT July is almost here, and these are exciting times for everyone up here in cottage country. With the warmer weather that we have being experiencing, (one week now) I do believe the cooler weather has impacted the lake temperatures. I am a fair weathered swimmer and this is why I have been holding off on swimming. I was a bit anxious about my first dip, how cold was it really going to be? I knew though… in my mind, it would be the start… my personal kick off to the summer. I decided my approach would be a combination of the running part and the jumping in part. That way, I would build up more anticipation for my event, do some howling as I ran and then end it with a huge messy slash. So… that’s what I did. My cottage summer season has now official started! If you are interested in the temperature trends for Muskoka, here is a link,

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