Driving Alert

Enjoying the Wild Life in Muskoka

Having wildlife in your very own backyard is an amazing experience for home owners and cottagers. The sight of a bear or a moose sauntering across the your property makes for a jaw dropping experience. There is no urban landscape ornament that comes to close to this magnificent display of the great outdoors standing on your front lawn. However these creatures do venture off and end up crossing highways and many back roads as part of their travels. A good habit to get into is driving extra alert, and being aware of potential animal crossing locations. Use extreme caution when driving during sunrise and sunset. If you have a passenger, then assign them the task of animal spotting. Have them scanning the ditches ahead for possible wildlife at the side of the road. Drive cautiously and take your time, you’re supposed to be relaxing remember.

If you come across an injured, or orphaned animal please contact Muskoka Wildlife Centre 705-698-0222, or Aspen Valley Sanctuary 705-732-6368. For birds and fowl you may contact Wind & a Prayer Centre 705-385-1488.

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